My Replies To Comments on Enoch Powell's Rivers Of Blood Speech

(To be rephrased later into stand alone statments)

Retaining sharply contrasting values to that country which you immigrate to, is a recipe for war.

And Racism is Most prevalent among non-whites as they have not been brow beaten for half a century on the matter and yet are equal in inherent human flaws.

"Fighting" an actual physical war for the Britain of your youth Ironically must admit that that Britain, one of a representative govt has failed.

If you believe that Truth can Overcome Lies by inherent virtue, then it must be admitted to be hypocrisy to attack, an intact, if corrupt representative system of govt.

Stave the violence, and channel your energies to intellectual pursuits and dissemination of the Reasons for your stances, whilst mainting a goal of Truth.

Can we agree that cultures in and of themselves are in part a value system which can clash with one another? Can we agree that importing foreign cultured immigrants beyond a certain number shall prevent assimilation and Integration Promote disharmony and Force segregation? Can we agree that promoting such enclaves is a crime against democracy, humanity and Nation?

Cultural Relativism gets you one thing, and that's conquered by ideologies against freedom. Xenophelia is much more dangerous than Xenophobia.

icfireplace Enoch Powell was correct whether he was racist or not, not that there is anything wrong with racism anyway

asderathos There is most assuredly something very wrong with racism.

icfireplace Thats your opinion, its based on emotion without any basis in fact. You cant provide 1 logical reason why racism is wrong, should you try, please remind yourself what the core definition of the word is, its nothing whatever to do with skin colour.

asderathos Fact Humans are Humans, that is their species. FACT defining inferiority amongst humans due to superficial & Inconsequential characteristics, such as skin hair and eye color, is infinitesimally Illogical; which is by definition, racism.

The fools who like to brandy the term around do not get to redefine its meaning, and neither do you.

icfireplace Yeah and dogs are dogs and cats are cats, a tiger is equal to tabby and a wolf is equal to a Jack Russell. Yes, 2009 was a painful year for Australias aborines, they were painfully reminded how they were pipped to the post in getting a man to the moon, they would have done it just 3 weeks later.
lmao get a grip.

asderathos A Tiger cannot reproduce with a house cat, that being the barrier of Species as apposed to genus or family. You ARE comparing a Cheshire with a taby while CLAIMING to compare a tabby to a Tiger. Those are the Facts.

Civilizational & Cultural superiority have nothing to do with "Race" but (rootly) the necessity for development caused by drastic environmental climate shift. Further development stemming from competition.

icfireplace Incidentally, who decided that 'racism' was about skin and hair colour?
I'll use the Oxford english dictionary definition ( the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race) rather than the dyslogistic smear word invented by people like Lenin to stifle debate.

asderathos  That is only the first part
Oxford Dictionary RACISM-
"1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race"
"2 discrimination against or antagonism towards other races. "
I don't believe in taking one part of one definition, I use Multiple Dictionaries.
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Racism-
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 4 months ago
The 2nd part of that Oxford definition finishes this debate, not by stifling but by facts.

"Human Being" is our species. Defining inferiority among humans due to superficial and inconsequential characteristics, such as skin hair and eye color, is infinitesimally illogical and by definition Racism!

A Tiger cannot reproduce with a house cat, that being the barrier of Species as apposed to genus or family. Racists pretend to compare a Cheshire with a Tabby while CLAIMING to compare a tabby to a Tiger. 

Disparate Historical or Modern Civilization and Cultural superiority among the races has nothing to do with "Race" but (rootly) the necessity for development caused by drastic environmental climate shift. Further development stemming from competition.

I don't believe in taking one part of one definition, I use Multiple Dictionaries.
Oxford Dictionary Racism-
"1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race"
"2 discrimination against or antagonism towards other races. "
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Racism-
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
The 2nd part of that Oxford definition finishes this debate, not by stifling but by facts.

Do you know the difference between being "conscious of differences between men and nations, some of which coincide with differences of race." and Despising "a human being because he belongs to another race" or believing "that one race is inherently superior to another, in civilization or capability of civiliation"

Since you've called Enoch racist it would seem you do not.

An Interview Enoch Powell gave with Robert Frost soon after his Rivers of Blood Speech

Frost: A lot of people say you're a racialist. Would you admit in any since of the word to being a racialist?

Powell: First of all I must define it, because if by being a racialist you mean 'be conscious of differences between men, and nations' some of which coincide with defferences of race, then we're all racialists, I would have thought, but if by a racialist you mean a man who despises a human being because he belongs to another race, or a man who believes that one race is inherently superior to another, in civilization or capability of civilization, then the answer is emphatically no!

Incentives 2 leave were 2 prevent civil war yes with the interest of both ppls in mind Because There is an aspect in HUMANS "US VS THEM" regardless of civilization color or racism; although mutual racism on both sides was a strong reason for repatriation of Immigrants, Mass Immigration PREVENTS Assimilation thereby fostering civil war EVEN WITHOUT RACISM
Well black kids menacing old white women is NOTHING Compared to the fact that Illegal Immigrants in US make up ONE THIRD OF PRISON POPULATION

Mass Immigration prevents assimilation thereby eventually fostering civil war, even without actual racism, that is, the belief in the inherent inferiority and superiority of races.


I don't suppose you heard about the Illegal who shot a father and his sons to death destroying their mother's and wife's life because he didn't like the way they looked. (The family was hispanic)

No racial prejudice in my statements, or powell's No Sir!~ Your presumption of racism is quite retarded and refuted by my and powell's statements which you pay no heed to.

The best way to learn a language is IMMERSION, the same goes for assimilating a culture or civilizing one's self. When there is mass immigration THIS PREVENTS IMMERSION PREVENTING ASSIMILATION. There by making those that come turn where they settle INTO SLUMS; Rather than smaller numbers assimilating immersing and Civilizing.


The best way to learn a language is immersion. The same goes for assimilating one's self into a culture. When there is mass immigration this prevents immersion preventing assimilation.

England is a chamber pot, you've taken away the fire of assimilation and can't smell the rotting mess because to do so wouldn't be PC.

Massive Immigration Changes Not just the face of a nation but its content; importing too many ppl destroys even the possibility of Assimilation, meaning a retention of values which clash dichotomous-ly with Indigenous Culture, Values, and Laws.

and To THESE Arguments you shout "Racism"?

Massive Immigration Changes Not just the face of a nation but its content; importing too many ppl destroys even the possibility of assimilation, meaning a retention of values which clash dichotomous-ly with Indigenous Culture, Values, and Laws.

A Nazi Advocates Racial Supremecy, UnPatriotic National Socialism, and The Leaders Practice the Occult and Antisemitism.

I Am a Patriotic Nationalist (juxtaposed to Internationalism) Capitalist, I Advocate Racial Equality Am A "Spiritual Christian" and Pro Israel.

You obviously don't know what a Fascist IS either.

Many Muslims fought along side the Nazis Particularly in the Balkans. Ever here of the grand Mufti of Jerusalem? He wasn't a Jew!

the only Reason Palistinian children DIE is because THEY'RE USED AS HUMAN SHIELDS BY HAMAS!!!~ Another thing you might not Know (being quite the giblet head) is that Arafat Stole Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in DONATED Relief, and Hamas REGULARLY steals donations and SELLS Them to the ppl.

1) Islam is a Religion, not a Race, and thus you Cannot be "Racist" against it, The "Media" is nothing but a propaganda tool FOR Islam, except where it reports Muhammadans BLOWING SH*T UP
2) We KNOW 30% of Muslims in the US are Peaceful, and are thus not being painted with the Same brush, The stupidity of 5 bishops and those they enabled has NOTHING to do with Catholicism, only the ppl.
ISLAMO-FASCISM is FUNDED by supposedly "peaceful" Muhammadans, and Stealth Jihadists. ISLAM IS SUBMISSION

Demonizing "Capitalism" for all the problems caused by what is BY DEFINITION SOCIALISM, 45-50% Of US Economy is GOVT CONTROLLED, Socialism is Govt's Partial Control of Economy. All you need is 1 statistic and a SINGLE dictionary definition to refute your idiocy.

That would be the Conspiracy El-Crapo, Blaming s Deaths on the Ppl that free Iraqis from Rape Rooms and abductions into the bathist army and Executions, (showing no preference for Christians, whom were disarmed and allowed to be Attacked) when its the Bathists THEMSELVES and Islamo-Fascists brought in by them That did the killing (and you are counting ENEMIES In With Civilians) Is Idiotic Hypocrissy by a moron with an agenda to fullfill Farthest from the truth as possible.

Right on!~ All those Communist Rags Demonizing the BNP don't even know what they stand for NOR The INSANITY of Disparate Treatment Advocates, They're ALL RACIST F*CKERS, Self Loathing Whites And Ignorant Party Hacks, IGNORANT of the Real Issues, Hating On The White Man For His Skin Color! When will The Indigenous Brits STAND UP and BE COUNTED AS EQUAL!!!~

not caring about nation is internationalism which is the problem.

The fact is the world is a tangle in necessary alliances, and nations in unnecessary policies destructive of freedom

The fact that you jumped to the staple of Ignorance Intellectual Dishonesty and Suicidal Foolishness, "Racist Racist Your A Racist" proves you an idiot.

Not to mention the ignominy of accepting that olde marxist fable of blaming the rich man. "How dare anyone earn a better living than me!"

You're a cartoon.

Vietnam was lost specifically due to Enemy Propaganda later refuted Believed and Used by Anti War Protesters (and also the deviation from the Strategies of WWII which are the ONLY WAY TO ACTUALLY WIN WARS, and you decry as evil.)

America and Uk are not perfect, but I will not appologize for mistakes, until you can point out a freer country that has made fewer. Oh wait there is none.

I'd also like to point out that Communist Vietnamese Generals came out and ADMITTED to spreading all the war crimes propaganda.

and Also, supporting Dictators in Nations that have never known freedom, is the ONLY Proven method to Keep the Jihadists from taking over. Of course you've gotta have the will to take Him Out when he starts the BS Saddam did.

and I'll tell you what would make me ashamed of my country, not calling a spade a spade when an Islamo Fascist Scum Sucking Bastard Attacks our troops,
but that's not "America" thats the media and the govt. We don't define ourselves by them, WE THE PEOPLE are The Country in this nation.

We nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they had Huge Army Depots, Japan had trained civilians to fight to the last child and BOTH SIDES would have lost Many more ppl.

Immigration without assimilation turns human beings into fodder for a race/culture war

Demonizing the rich is the task of the utopian, a scheme that has wrought ruination at every attempt

A Republican Govt does not redistribute wealth, it applies wealth in the interest of the ppl taxed, ask yourself who redistributes wealth more

It is Islam that is incompatible with the west; An Ideology not a Ppl

Not only was the War in Iraq necessary as a deposing of a Murderous Dictator who'd met with terrorists and not only Used WMDs before (on his own ppl) but Still had the equipment to make more; but as a show of force, and establishment of bases to help secure the flow of oil; without which the west would spiral back to pre-industrial revolution without any common know how.

The free market is the only system that Efficiently provides necessities to ppl (Via ppl themselves)

The Cause of Globalization is Massive Immigration and Multiculturalism (In part) and "Economic Colonialism" (largly a post colonial pejorative against a Free Market) Is only valid in and of Entangling Alliances Rooted in Shared Dependence, grouped with Conflicting Interests which cannot be rectefied by destroying Capitalism, and in fact such actions would cripple the Peace keepers of the world, and kill 100s of millions. Not to say a Surge of Cooperative Independence would tho.
I said "In Part" =P

Globalization is also used as a Pejorative, when in fact the negatives thereof only came after the Immigration and more Entangling Alliances.

Capitalism creates Profit driven cooperation across nations and one Might like to call that globalization, but the acuratly named aspect thereof only becomes so when a movement of Intenational Progressivism towards global governance deviates from Sovereign Nations' Cooperation.

Also, Capitalism requires Republican Govt (Rule of Law). Meaning "A nation of laws not men" -Washington

No tyranny can be called capitalist, and thus a NWO, of International Govt. ran by unelected Oligarchs, cannot be said to be caused by the mere selfish and Individually Sovereign cooperations of Capitalism; being scapegoated when it is the deviation therefrom to blame.

I used to be quite interested in Conspiracy theories and the like, until I recognized how Incompetent Govt's are.

Uniting against an enemy, is the first step to fighting that enemy, but the most important step to Defeating an Enemy is Knowing One's Self; Uniting on Shared Values Goals and Vision.

A Broad Tent Society Unified By the Simple Western Values of Individual Sovereignty Restrained Only by Libertine Laws, and Blind Justice

the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in the world are unwilling to stand with the "Infidels" against the TERRORISTS, (who Should be called the infidels, if they didn't agree). IN FACT, A Poll of US Muslims revealed 70% sympathized with Suicide Bombers. A Culture Permeates Islam which encourages Xenophobic Imperial Tribalism, Submissive only to Islamic Leaders for fear of Apostasy.

If Enemies are endured to dwell freely within a Nation while plotting openly against it (as is currently occuring in the West in general, all over) then there shant be any worries about the economy or society; (having lost them as we know them) and the answer is quite simple and laid out quite well but mutilated and warped by the NonDystpia Readers.

Michael Jackson or 2pac is your example of a great black man we should honor and look to??? A tormented mental case or a thug?

What about Martin Luther King Jr.? or the head of the NBRA? Or Will Smith, for pete's sake? Hell, try kanye west, he's at least less Effed up in the head than Michael or Pac.

Of course adhering to King's dream, would demand that you not have to look to a black man for race relations, but that sort of Sanity is lost on ppl today

Unity without wisdom is just another mob

Ignoring an ongoing problem's origins is No Way to solve it. ESPECIALLY when it is EXACTLY The Same Situation, except now the "Asians" have blown ppl up.

THE ENTIRE PROBLEM IS NOT THAT "a Bunch of Darkies Got In" its that they got in, are still coming, DO NOT assimilated, and are trying to destroy alternative identities other than that of the Foriegn Culture!

If you don't get the problem ITS SELF! you sure as Hell don't have the qualifications to assign blame.

We can all agree Pelog is a Racist Dipshit scumbag. BUT, what one needs to recognize is that "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" is for everyone, even Racist Dipshit Scumbags, (as long as they're not inciting violence) As soon as you censor the racist dipshit scumbags, They go underground, and the Light of Logic fails to reach to refute their ideas, and it spreads like cave slime. Hatred is a right, just like stupidity, only Inciting violence is or should be illegal.

If u let every stupid person u come across get on your nerves u'll be stark raving mad by Thursday. No need to Kill or Mame, just simply state the truths which the Ignoramus is unaware of

"England" is derived from the Germanic tribes, the "Angles" and "Saxons" Anglo-Land
Just because 1 dislikes the English's subjugation of... whichever part of the world gets 1's skirt in a bunch, doesn't mean the it doesn't exist
it means 1 doesn't like to distinguish between subjects of an empire and the Capitol

I think that ppl who read any of the numerous UK rags, need to pull their heads out of their bums and recognize that no one is advocating universal repatriation of brown ppl. Take note that any claiming this as a BNP stance is spreading manure, utter bull crap. Read their positions on their site your self rather than trusting yellow bird cage liner for the truth!

and even if the world ended in 3 minutes, the TRUTH is ALWAYS a much needed and noble goal.

There is no Policy nor plan to indiscriminately kick out all non-whites. This is a lie spread by the Morons screaming racist; Unless you think every single brown person counts as an immigrant even if born in britain, and that EVERY SINGLE ONE Is a Criminal. But those are the thoughts of a complete idiot. So you couldn't possibly think them...

Ppl tend to associate the term "NWO" with the 9-11 Truther crowd (and thus dismiss it) not realizing how real the erosion of National Sovereignty is. (The EU a prime example)

Skin color is about the furthest thing from anyone's mind who actually has one; except as a part of an overall Profile (necessary because there are no 90 yr old Irish Nuns plotting against us)

The word "Know" Indicates Knowledge, as apposed to Ignorant Bigotry, so, Mno, The Word to USE is Presume. Your Pathetic Demonizations Do NOT Trick the majority either, As in Enoch's Day, Even Minorities are Worried and For Good Reason.
If you encourage aspects of Culture destructive to freedom, and discourage the adoption of those values of a western democracy/free society, how are you not committing suicidal treason? Skin Color Has Nothing To Do With IT, CULTURE has EVERYTHING To Do With IT!~

War is a People's ONLY Means of self Preservation; although sane laws enforced could save Identity Culture and Freedom.

So... Lemme get this straight, Exterminating Jews and Attempting to Conquer the World, with the intent of enforcing Eugenics across the globe, is the Same Thing as Advocating a restrictive Immigration Policy and Balancing Racial Advocacy???... I JUST Don't Follow.

You seem to be under the false presumption that the BNP intend to repatriate all non-whites or some such non-sense. That would only be true if you think not only that all Immigrants are Criminals (as their stance IS to repatriate Immigrant Criminals) but also all Descendants of Immigrants can still be Called Immigrants.

The flaw of democracy is that it holds nothing sacred but a majority opinion, which is why a Republic which values the Law above all else is Superior

Actually if YOU Look at Nick Griffin as a flawed human being rather than a predestined non linear caricature, he's not racist

And assuming that someone who holds ideas which you obviously do not understand, is racist for those ideas, not yet understood, is quite along the lines of "Racism" although Bigotry is a more accurate term.

Your Presumption of Actions of a thinker of misunderstood ideas (used to be called thought crime), based in your own bigotry devoid of naught but a feeling, thus cannot be trusted.

Is the fringe societal invention, of valuing differences not only over similarities but actively discouraging them so as to prevent assimilation and integration, not Divisive?

Apparently a Sober Sane and Pragmatic Perspective on the Necessity of Limited Immigration and encouraged integration to the purpose of Social Harmony, is in common (between I and he alone tho we may be

There are white Muslims in the world and if they act the same as wtf ever color else are who are not assimilating I don't want them in a western nation EITHER.

THIS IS ABOUT CULTURE, and suggesting otherwise is slitting the wrist of CIVILIZATION.

Allowing ppls (who the F*CK cares what color) immigrate in mass from tyrannically oppressive states to free states, WITHOUT ADOPTING APPRECIATION FOR FREEDOM, merely seeds the tyranny they supposedly fled.

Of Course you are COMFORTABLE With slandering ppl of opposing positions which you do not understand. The Ridiculousness of you defending your "Opinions" with a feeling and certainty rather than actual evidence is simply a perfect example of why you are wrong.

Logic its self eludes you whilst my reasoning is challenged by ignorant bigotry constantly, in fact It would be a much more well thought out argument if someone besides a fool screaming racism ever challenged it.

Think of nations as tribes

Tribe A kicks ass and is free
Tribe B sucks ass and has tyranical leaders
Tribe A allows in some Bs who like the free way better, and adopt it
But soon Tyrannical Bs infultrate Tribe A and want to take over
Should Tribe A
1 Kick the Tyranical Bs out
2 Kick ALL The Bs out or
3 Let Em All Stay and Become another Tyrranny?
By your "Logic" You would choose option 3
And YOU BELIEVE I WOULD CHOOSE 2 only you're an idiot and quite wrong
Option 1 is the only sane choice

Along with A Strong Screening process to keep out any more tyranical Bs, which if it fails stop accepting them, lest you destroy you're free system.

And for the sake of you're stupidity both tribes are purple.


But Nooo, racism you FEEL in this one, its not like actions or Ideas have anything to do with it, there is no reasoning with a bigot, As I Well Know BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE.

I don't care to throw that I'm not Totally "White" around leftists due to their treatment of conservative Non-Whites. (4 instance Would you call a black conservative woman a "House Slave"?)

I'm several parts Native American; Black Foot, Cherokee, and Choctah. As well as English Irish Dutch and German

Racial Purity is the furthest thing from my mind, and ppl shouldn't have to not be "Racially Pure" in order to be believed about that. I wonder if you'll grasp that

The safety of the Republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment... -Alexander Hamilton

"Grinning Picaninnies" was a letter from a constituent, whome the subject of would fall well within the realm of a cause for alarm and necesary counterbalance to the assumed "Racism" of any bringing up there ever being a problem of any animosity no matter the severe lacking in room for integration. He Himself says 'the Fault Doesn't Lie With The Immigrant!~'

The Context is THERE don't purposefully mislead, nor indoctrinate yourself for want of moments preponderance outside of predispositions.

it is also incredulous and intellectually dishonest to lump Those that wish to recapture their culture from the drainage trap in with Racial "Purists"
Or Encourage Culture Among Minorities While Discouraging whites

Well 1stly one must distinguish between British Cultural Revival and Necessitous Assimilation of Immigrants into British-Western Values of Freedom of Speech, Pluralism, and Tolerance Necessitous for any semblance of harmony

One of the British Cultural Values is National Unity (it aint called the United Kingdom for nothing) this of course Does NOT mean racial purity or uniformity only appreciation for British, History, civil liberties, National Identity etc, if they didn't come to embrace it then Y?

A Nation; Any Nation, must have ONE Universal Law for EVERYONE, without that you have disparate treatment IE Discrimination, which I thought was frowned upon.

Equality is being destroyed in the west by Immigrants demanding special treatment and it just so happens that such acts are laid out in a Manifesto for Stealth Jihad written by a group called the "Muslim Brotherhood" this is not a coincidence.

If a Muslim's identity hinges on not being tempted by lax Brit standards WHY COME TO BRITAIN?

Did I not already point out that Colonies Benefited from colonialism???
and Poetic justice isn't just when it destroys freedom ESPECIALLY at the expense of DISSENDENTS
How about you're great grand father took My Great grand father's EYE, and I take yours IS THAT JUST? No, why don't ppl use BASIC shoe on the other foot walk a mile in it while yer at it LOGIC?

You should be encouraging the spread of freedom not the snuffing of it out over a stupid sense of vengence on ppl that had NOTHING 2 do w it

Did You're fathers sins define you? My Father's don't define me in fact if you look at a screwed up fellow he's either screwed up because of the "Sins of the father" or not so in spite of them. I don't define my heritage as Victim of Whitey or Opressor of the Noble savage
I'm part Native American

Sure you learn and teach the bad stuff so as to AVOID REPEATING HISTORY, but that requires honesty which PCness aint

The answer to the question as to whether cultures can live side by side relies on many other questions. None of which the Politically Correct or No Borders Internationalists could ever ask or accept the answers to.

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!" "Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" -Barry Goldwater

America of Yesteryear is the Prime Example of Assimilation and Integration, the key is SHARED Values, stressing differences often ignorantly is the Brit's Status Quo

I grew up "Color Blind" I've never cared what color anyone is but the moment I decided a nation should actually have a border (the US being the only nation without one) I've been called racist, and I'm sure as hell not gonna take the word of ppl that call ME Racist over those who actually support their arguments with reasoning

STOPPING Immigration from Countries KNOWN to Harbor Terrorists is not the same as Kicking out every Muslim, and deporting ALL anything.

Durp Dee Durp Dee Dur, Its WWII and I wanna Welcome ALL You Japanese and German "Refugees" -wink- into Britain, Durp Dee Durp Dee Dur!~

-Gleeeach gurgle gurgle- <-throat being slit

"Government big enough to supply everything you need, is big enough to take everything you have ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases" -Thomas Jefferson

Ppl need not ABANDON their Culture to Assimilate, only adopt an appreciation for their New Home's freedoms, MANY ppl immigrate to destroy the place to which they have come, in fact in Radical Islam doing so is basically a commandment. Encouraging retention of values which are the root cause of emigration from their home is just damn Stupid (but policy IN UK!~)

It seems to me tribal cultures in particular would have trouble or even reprehension at the thought of adopting British values and Loyalty

You sound quite like a common fool, "We're a Nation of Immigrants, after All" Legality Identity Demographics or Pragmatism; all quite beyond you're scope I think. Suffice to say that a man defining racism and denying it right within the context of just after this speech wouldn't be enough to bring you around to sanity's doorstep, and of course Powell does just that in the second part, defining Racism and categorically denying it, in context of term's definition not to be confused with another.

if you care anything about human beings, you should strive to understand them honestly.

You've got sharia Law allowed in Britain and your saying there hasn't been a societal segregation?

I suppose UK doesn't ascribe to E Pluribus Unum

7-7 Bombings? home grown terrorists and rivers of Blood but not British no Assimilation

The stats of Muslim Population %s shows that when they gain so does tyranny
Madness is doing the same thing again expecting a different result

Down with British Identity Then, Down With Western Civilization, Up With the Third World, Bring Em In To Suck Us Dry, We Deserve it What With astonishing the world with the concept of actual FREEDOM! Down with it then, Up with Slavery! Its the most common system the world has known, crush that sparkling jewl with focelized dung. Who cares if the 3rd world could have been lifted up little by little, drag down the 1st, they don't deserve it, And if everyone can't have it All now No One Can!

Why don't you actually visit the BNP website and read their ACTUAL POLICIES And BELIEFS rather than listening to PC Slanders?
You might as well be listening to the KKK tell you about Black People
Wake the Frick Up!
If you import volumes of 3rd worlders en mass what's to keep a 1st world country civilized? Do you think there is No Breaking Point? Do you think believing assimilation and integration necessary part of Immigration is Racist?
Skin Color has NOTHING to do with it, CULTURE is Everything

As with art, I Appreciate various aspects of other cultures according to my own taste, I'm not a Xenophobe, but nor am I a Xenophiliac.

Ignoring the aspects of culture which has distinguished the west and discouraging adoption of them for immigrants is folly, but #s don't allow for any assimilation.

Ppl want to keep their identity values and nation and that's a "Macrocosmic Fixation"? no Yours is the Macrocosmic fixation, You want to ignore the Nation Tribe and Ethnicity and you want Multiculturalism which elevates those cultures which are destructive to the freedoms and sociological Trends which nurture Freedom and Democratic Representation, thereby Destroying the System to which they fled for some measure of refuge from their homelands.
Fences have gates, and the gate is Assimilation.

Just because ppl are Human doesn't mean that one shouldn't "Discriminate" (you probly only know that word as a pejorative) between ppl who are and aren't compatible, and completely ignore the necessity of assimilation for a semblance of harmony, or that at some point numbers make assimilation impossible There are brown ppl and there are brown ppl intent on destroying the nation to which they've come, the passive among which being tools to the ends of the malicious

Oh no someone thinks; importing endless dependents, giving them No Chance at assimilation integration or elevation of their standard of living (by sheer numbers) while praising their difference from the evil whitey, as inherently superior: Someone thinks THAT might foster civil war? Naaah, anyone saying such a thing must be racist Nazis....


Pull your head out of yer ass.

I'm quite open minded, but when agendas are clearly deceptive or ppl ignorant I'm a Speak

It is a mistake to view Segregation as the opposite of Multiculturalism; the left Knows segregation bad, and think Multiculturalism is the opposite, and thus must be good. Simplistic dialogues like this permeate the west. Multiculturalism LEADS TO Segregation, because it glorifies differences instead of commonalities making out Assimilation as basically Evil!~ The Black Culture in the US is an example, where one is derided for being too white if one is successful.

Only the USA was supposed to be (By design) a "Melting Pot" and it was the socialist internationalism that caused the UK to import unassimilatable numbers of immigrants so as to destroy British Ethnic Identity. Whether you know it or not Ethnic and National identities are almost always mixed. Skin color is hardly the issue just look at what Majority Islamic Nations are like.

In America,

Its About Culture
Its About Assimilation

America is unique in that we're supposed to be a "Melting Pot" but the race card has snuffed out the flame of assimilation. I fully respect other Country's wish to have an indigenous "ethnic" identity prevalent.

If you bring 1,000,000 canadians in, you've drastically changed your country, skin color isn't even an after thought.

The BNP espouses a British cultural supremacy (not racial) over Multiculturalism, and an evening of the odds with ethnic advocacy of traditional British, whom it was stigmatized 4, but encouraged among ALL others.

They espouse White Ethnic Advocacy because EVERY OTHER ETHNICITY HAS ADVOCACY GROUPS, it is about Equality, everyone EXCEPT WHITES are "equal" or should I say, MORE Equal
They espouse BRITISH CULTURE, as SUPERIOR to "Multiculturalism" Imagine that British Culture in BRITAIN. IF BNP is the KKK why are whites the ones being lynched and beaten?

British Ethnic Advocacy (Everyone else has it why not the indigenous ppl? Because they're ALL racist, right?)

Do u think anyone against Immigration is Racist. Has it ever occurred to you that if you fill a nation with unassimilating third worlders (no matter what race) that you might thereby change that nation not particularly for the better? Maybe even make that nation more like the places those ppl fled? Ever consider the possibility that there is a number beyond which Immigration becomes an unarmed invasion? Study the nuance in front of your face. Internationalism is destructive to Rare civilization.

The Communist tactic of throwing food, and slanders at opposition (because there is NO way to win an honest debate) doesn't work on any but indoctrinated fools such as yourself.

Wake Up

Well, if you think that Skin color Magically makes Blacks more prone to violence, then yeah, you'd be racist. But the Statistics show a coralation (Not Causation) between race and Violent crime, this OF COURSE, is because of CULTURE, not DNA.

And as we all know ISLAM, is Not a Race =) its basically a culture, one prone to evils which we in the west would never condone from White Christians... but Multi Culti Fools have a vicious suicidal sadomasochistic double standard going, with criticisms censored.

In the west Whites having any Ethnic Identity is Demonized as Racist while all others Ethnicity is extolled So much so that "Ethnic" has become synonymous with Ethnic Minorities only
Humans are a Social Tribal animal and one's roots are a legitimate source of part of one's Identity. It becomes illegitimate only When it becomes the Whole Shebang
One's identity is a tapestry of history DNA and environment it is a combination of nature and nurture a complex roll you dismiss too easily as ALL random

Suggesting any intrinsic connection between appreciating one's roots and hating someone else's, is silly, just plain silly. Racist really, "You're racist cause your're great gandparents heald slaves!~" lool that is why reparations are a joke.

I can say it was awesome that the Founding fathers Created America, sucky that cowboys tormented indians, and take a lesson from it.
Destroying white ethnicity only leaves shame without pride largely for a misperception of history (Slavery).

"ethnicity" is not the same as "Race" it comes with cultural attributes. And despite being a social animal ppl need a reason to connect with the past, and thus ethnic identity provides more context to understanding.

You need to stop immigration FIRST, not discriminate against those already in Britain because they're Immigrant dissented which hopefully you only mean those not born in Britain. You must discriminate culturally between assimilated and unassimilated otherwise it is just racism
Multiculturalism and the celebration of the sacrosanct Diversity instead of commonalities segregates society and demonizes whites having any identity while elevating all others
Celebrating Commonality breeds Assimilation

YES, Humans are well HUMAN, And the BNP official line on the matter is that the trouble with Immigrants is CULTURE, not race, BUT, they also contend the right to have racial advocacy seeing as how everyone else has it. Fair! No?

So slavery was started by white ppl? The Slavs (no typo there) would disagree with you (their name being the origin of the word because they were the majoritary race that was enslaved at the time) Also the countless victims black and white of the Arab Slave trade, here is a video on the trans sahara as compared to the trans atlantic - /watch?v=0Yo5XcWY9mo "not other cultures want to exterminate them" Many Mexicans (v US) and the very ppl flooding Britain today CLAIM otherwise.

Slavic ppl were the origin of the term Slave because they were the most enslaved of ppls at one time. Slavery is as old as rope, i'd reckon, but the trans atlantic slave trade pales in comparison to the Trans Sahara watch?v=0Yo5XcWY9mo Many of The Asian-African ppl flooding Brittain and the Mexicans flooding America Express The Specific Aim of Destroying The White Race And Nation's Culture. Attempts to keep one's national identity hardly counts as Exterminating a race.

Your pathetic reduction of the world into "Black and White", is the perspective of an out and out racist. The only thing to fear is the growing of cultures of Slavery, and the shrinking of the cultures of freedom, you of course are inbcapable of ghrasping WHO those cultures are, EXACTLY because they don't break down Directly along racial lines neatly tucked in your deranged hatemongering perspective.

Who The F*ck cares about racial mixing This Is International CULTURAL Tyranny.

Socialists, are using white guilt to demonize whites, in order to promote a deviation from meritocracy both in hiring and immigration, which also has the effect of destroying the culture that built western civilization. The Ignorance of the influx is necesary in order for the Socialists to bring about their "revolution" brought all the sooner by the flood of victimhood class ppls who will not assimilate

"AnIdiotOnYouTube- "This nation has given hell to every dark person who's come to this shores."

That last sentence holds not only untruth, but also antagonism towards a ppl for the crimes of their fathers. Perhaps you'd like to rephrase... Perhaps not... but as is it means that the father and son are interchangeable, crime or victim, punishment, or retribution, because of race, that being racism in itself.

Calling someone trying to prevent the wiping out of their identity and heritage, hate, just goes to show how stupid someone is capable of being.

Multiculturalism is Cultural Suicide, and Ironically those poor immigrants that came to Britain for a better life will have destroyed it for their children by not assimilating.

AnIdiotOnYouTube-"Do you have a picuture of HItler on your wall? i bet you do."

"Fascism" I bet you don't even know what that means. Its just a word you use against ppl with ideas you don't even understand. "Hard working'ness" has nothing to do with assimilation or their wanting to overthrow the country. The Nazis were very "Hard Working". It is FASCISTIC; Destructive to liberty, to, in a democracy, import assimilation numbers and then ask Nothing of them in the way of values history integration or even following the same law
and btw, Its Norman Rockwell on my wall.

"Culture And Races" ARE YOU INCAPABLE OF DISTINGUISHING THEM? Do you think Race CAUSES Culture? That is on its face RACISM! The Amount of Immigration over a certain level makes assimilation IMPOSSIBLE. Cultural Enclaves Self Segregation occurs. The same number of Germans would destroy Britain's Culture all the same. Borders Language and Culture, define a Nation. You are too wrapped up in your own Wrong Headed Ideas to SEE THE POINT. There IS no Assimilation, and that Destroys identities ANYWHERE

Because the "MultiCultural" attitude of the Left transverses Racial barriers. Jews are as ideologically diverse as Europeans or any race. Ideologies associated as caused by race is destructive to society, and any culturally motivated cause. "Racist" becomes legitimate fodder for proponents and You would throw out the Culturally British with the bathwater of unassimilating masses and their Xenopheliac enablers.

it is only Natural that ppl with shared values and identitites should come together and defend themeselves, and those with opposite values and animosity would infultrate and destroy them from withink. Borders are Sanity, GloboThink, insanity. Your trying to revise the world without taking into account what Humanity IS. Tribalism merely uses distance as a border rather than walls. multicultural immersion without a semblance in core values destroys harmony and births civil war.

IdiotOnYouTube- "We are all Immigrants if you go back far enough. No one has the right to deny others a better life."

In other words, start housing homeless ppl at yer house, or be a hypocrite, YOUR DENYING THEM A BETTER LIFE!~

Borders exist for a reason. Your advocating the destruction of the reason ppl even want to come here (or there).

You CANNOT assimilate the masses that are still coming (here and there) and immigration without assimilation is merely an invasion.

The Melting pot is overflowing and putting out the fire.

has it escaped you that not having limits on how many ppl get to have that "better life" will inevitably destroy it for everyone?

Why is it okay for anyone to have a house, why not let the homeless or just ppl with a lessor house than yours just come live with you, )and hell rent free while we're at it) and of course you won't Discriminate as to whether they have values even remotely like yours, why not bring in drug addict communists who say whats yours is mine and would say whats mine is yours if they had anything.

Borders Language Culture, without these standards of nationhood you are enslaving yourself to those of others

You say "Social Darwanism" I say "Meritocracy", REAL Social Darwanism Applied is EUGENICS (Which I'm against)

It is proven Again and AGAIN, You CANNOT Take from producers and give to bums, punishing good behavior and rewarding bad, It IS Incentive to produce NOTHING

I wonder if you can tell the difference between Vested Charity and Income Redistribution of Other People's Money by bureaucrats

Demographics IS Destiny, Importing cultural Mexicans with no intention of Assimilating CHANGES US Period

This not only applies to Mexicans and Illegal Migration, but also Legal Immigration Anywhere. Immigration without Assimilation is the Suicide of ANY Nation.

Mexico for instance is a Socialist democracy/Narcostate, The Immigrants of England and France are largely Muslims, In France they think nothing of burning cars to protest their own poverty, and perceived demitude, in England, sharia law is already recognized, for an assimilating enclave. Its CLEARLY a recipe for civil war.

R U 4 Importing a self segregated Unassimilating Racial and Cultural slave class destined to attack perceived oppressors for the crime of letting so many in (one way or another) that assimilation was not only impossible but discouraged?

In the mean time said importation of a victim class creates the perceived need for greater redistribution (via centralized Govt of course) R U 4 Socialism?

"The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty" -Benjamin Franklin

What was evil about Hitler? Was it his seizure of guns? His Nationalization of Industry? His Imperialism? His Propaganda? His mad (Racial) Eugenics? His Racial and Religious Scapegoating? Perhaps his use of a warped Paganized Christianity to justify his actions, but list what you may the evils of Hitler, you'll always find I'm against them.

If you bothered to ask rather than accuse, point by point, I'd say its plain, Not all Muslims are terrorists but the vast majority of Terrorists are Muslims.

I Deeply, Highly, Vastly, Widely, Recommend my playlist entitled "ESSENTIAL INDISPENSABLE, HISTORY KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM"

That is if you are at all interested in exploring the reason behind my words the Knowledge behind my reason and the Wisdom behind it all, rooted in a History no longer taught.

Calling The disturbed "liberal" Xenophiles "Do Gooders" is a crime against language, they're fascists thru and thru.

The "Plight" of their countries are caused by Their Culture! and Clashes therein so taking refugees of a culture clash and putting them in another country where the cultures clash even more cuttingly is NO solution. Your assumption of Race's involvement is a ridiculous Characature of an argument.
I think the UK should by no means deport ANY non-whites if they are assimilated. CULTURE, not race.

I suppose your going to ignore the fact that immigrants themselves at the time were worried about the flood? and your going to ignore the self segregation of Muslim ghettos where sharia law is recognized? Immigration without assimilation is nothing short of invasion. Its about culture not race. Call us culturalists or nothing at all. PS if you think race directly causes culture, then by definition you are racist.

April 1968, He was referring to racial tensions in America, The speech was given the same month and year that MLK was shot.

Ppl not wanting to assimilate (in addition to #s control) should be kept out as a higher priority than qualifications. I'd rather have a hundred "teaming masses" loving America ppl in my country "Yearning to Be Free" than 1 brain surgeon/rocket scientist who hates America and loathes freedom.

Enoch Powell's message was Never about race, it was about culture and intrinsic polarization that occurs upon massive amounts of migration which doesn't allow for assimilation.

Oh yes Sharia Law is so very JUST. Its a GOOD thing that those descendants of immigrants hate Britain and want to turn it into Saudi Arabia. and Bombing Subways and Buses that's just a minor inconvenience of the greater good of DIVERSITY. and ITS SO LIBERATING for women to have the legal worth of only half a man, and required to be draped in sheets. HONOR KILLINGS are a CULTURAL RIGHT after all.

Immigration without assimilation is Invasion.
Read a book.

1stly to clarify I am not British myself. But I understand the current economic decline (In the US) was caused by many factors including globalization, Corruption in corporate leadership, deviation from supply and demand economics (speculationary trading), and the housing bubble which WAS caused by Clinton's policy of forcing banks to lend to minorities whether they could afford it or not. The argument about (de)regulation leaves out what have been proven good or bad regulations.

Unrestricted Massive Immigration caused the severe lack in assimilation, resulting in self segregation, thusly unrest and eventually riots and a general destruction of British Identity. In short Enoch was right. Powell was NOT against immigration its self, JUST the massive un-assimilatable numbers. The unrest is cultural.


YouTuber: I don't believe in racial issues but I do believe that all religions should be separated from state. Religions just as fascistic as the next dogmatism.

ASD: Racial Issues exist whether you believe in them or not =)

Religion is voluntary moral self governance. All too often a corrupt Church or Priest is equated with something so thin as a name ignoring the actual ideologies substantively attached to it.

Fascism by the defining characteristic of unanimous self identification seeks to hold sway over ppl by Force, not 'choice' (a defining characteristic of Religion).

YouTuber: I agree with you about Fascism but I don't think theocracy allows for choice. Islam teaches that anyone not willing to convert should be and is to be murdered. Christianity teaches that anyone not converting is immoral and is to be eternally damned forever. Religion also punishes you for thought crime, even for thinking about something you're to be punished.

ASD: The personal faiths of officials guiding their moral decisions (which a stark separation might prevent) cannot be compared with Theocracy; a tyrannical form of Govt in which men falsely claim the divine Right to rule.

Technically under sharia law, it would be the 'lawful' execution of Apostates and 'unbelievers' not submitting to Dhimmitude and Murder only under every other law.

A lot is taught in the Name of Christ, what chapter and verse can you site? I think you still confuse Men with Religion.

A chapter of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" a short book which might interest you explains how Monarchy is not only immoral but forbidden by Jewish law
A point of distinction, western law has its origins in Christianity but Enlightenment thinking originated what we now call Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism which in short is the principle of one's individual sovereignty restrained only by infringement upon another's; Govt's purpose beyond which, is only Legislation, Law Enforcement and Defense

and of course a form of representative filtered Govt (to prevent a tyranny of the bare 51% majority) divided by a separation of Powers (self balancing to a point) such as the American 3 Branches of govt. (Executive Legislative and Judicial) All built upon principles of Inalienable Natural Rights and rule of law elevated above any office however high to ensure Equality under it.


To a Racist F*ktard,

Yours, I'm quite sure, is a tribalism not unlike that of the Socker Thug, or American Raiders Fan, Riot when you win, riot when you loose, Riot Riot Riot, for your color, an identity signifying nothing, but that your enemies are of another.


Nationalism Juxtaposed to Internationalism.
Cultural-ism Juxtaposed to Multiculturalism.
Sovereingty, Individualism, Self Determination.
There need not be any "Hate" to have standards to which all must be held equally.


what a load of rubbish this man [Enoch Powel] speaks!

What invasion?
Its called different races and religions living together!


No, its called importing foreign and dichotomous cultures to the detriment of the indigenous culture responsible for the system to which those other ppls wish to escape to. Then enforcing disparate treatment and minority privileges; thusly nurturing animosities in both, thereby furthering victim-hood mentalities conducive to if not immediate civil war then malicious acts eventually escalating to achieve it
NO2BNP90, are you just too  stupid to grasp it?

Or do you think racial favoritism can succeed as long as the favorite isn't white?

Youtube/User/coaltrader07 Thank the Jew for your multicuturalism and diversity. They are always the ones behind open borders for their plan is to destroy GB and America w/ their multiculturalism and for the most part they have succeded.

 Scapegoating A People for the acts of Individuals adhering to and promoting an Ideology which goes completely against the majority ideology of that people is Not a solvent point.
I should like to also mention that "The Jew" is a minority in the Internationalist crowd, and the Internationalist amongst the Jews

Further more you disservice your own cause by (even if a ppl are majoritarily adherent to an ideology) naming A Ppl as the culprit rather than ALL Ideological Adherents.


cdwrightcd strange that it was enochs capitalist tory party that used immigration to drive down wages and break union power.
Notice that the CBI never make comment over immigration even though they seem to have alot to say about the economy... they know cheap labour when they see it.
with more retiring than starting work we can`t pay for our old and sick. birth rate is low so immigration is the only answer. Enoch you muppet.

@cdwrightcd If you can take into account hypocritical economic factors, you should be able to grasp that government services having taken away the independent responsibilities of the ppl with things like NHS, is a a deviation from Capitalism.

Capitalism requires a well defined Nation, Rule of Law, & Limited Government.

Socialism requires (Ideological) Class warfare (National or International), Progressive Growing Govt., & Corrupt Democracy (Where votes are purchased with the ppl's own money).

(My response to the claim that race is more than skin deep).

@clext Science dictates that "Human" is the species and the very word "Race" is a misnomer of a bygone era. Skin color going into any depth only in susceptibility to various aliments. Describing race to genetically determine behavior is by definition Racism; and besides its laugh-ability to the educated, and its being demonstrably refuted, is not only (unjustly by association) a death sentence to any cause it is invoked for, but also to any remotely controversial issue advocated by the invoker.

A Comment On This YouTube Video Englishman

Fists and Fire? I fear not only who the indigenous may decide to wield them against (if the phrase be not wholly analogy) but also, even if only they are wielded against the political class, what then is to prevent a French rather than American style revolution? and Also even if the flow of immigrants is stemmed what is to be done with those already arrived?

It also seems to me (Regarding the BNP) that Collectivists have cast the language as Internationalism vs Nationalism discounting Federalism.