Asderathos vs Merchan5967! Beck vs King?


"If you think Beck is wrong, prove it rather than making inane assertions"


Ok, then I will...

The reason I think Glenn Beck is wrong is because he is trying to place himself on the same tier with Martin Luther King. And he asserts that Dr. King was a conservative. But if you know who Dr. King was, the people around him, and his stances on several issues, you would realize that had they been of the same generation, They would be on completely opposite sides of the ideological spectrum. Just look up MLK on Wikipedia (sources on the MLK page are cited) and this fact becomes strikingly obvious.For instance, 3 words Beck always uses when describing progressives or liberals? Socialism, Marxism, Communism. He thinks in very simple terms that capitalism is good and socialism is evil. Now read this from MLK's wikipedia page, agai all sources are cited:

Towards the time of his murder, King more frequently expressed his opposition to the war and his desire to see a redistribution of resources to correct racial and economic injustice.[91] Though his public language was guarded, so as to avoid being linked to communism by his political enemies, in private he sometimes spoke of his support for democratic socialism. In one speech, he stated that "something is wrong with capitalism" and claimed, "There must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism."[92]

And here's another on that: King had read Marx while at Morehouse, but while he rejected "traditional capitalism," he also rejected Communism because of its "materialistic interpretation of history" that denied religion, its "ethical relativism," and its "political totalitarianism."[93] 

And also compare Beck unshakable praise of capitalism to the sintament of Dr. King, who said there was "something WRONG with capitalism". Members of King's inner circle, including one of his early mentors (Bayard Rustin), had former connections with the Communist Party USA, and were supporters of socialism. That doesn't sound all that conservative to me. Beck has also said repeatedly that he believes social justice is wrong; that it's some kind of socialist, communist conspiracy, like the Joseph McCarty wannabe that he is. Well Here's what Dr. King thought about social, particularly, economic justice: King also was opposed to the Vietnam War on the grounds that the war took money and resources that could have been spent on social welfare services like the War on Poverty. The United States Congress was spending more and more on the military and less and less on anti-poverty programs at the same time. He summed up this aspect by saying, "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death".[85]

How "conservative" does Dr. King sound to you now? As I have just irrevokably proven to you, Dr. King was far from being a conservative. His views were completely the opposite of Glenn Beck's. So for him to try to pass himself off as the next MLK is a slap in the face to Dr. King and his legacy, as well as a slap in the face to the Civil Rights Movement itself. He is not doing this to honor Dr. King or the movement. He's doing this for himself and to further his own political agenda, and don't let this fool brainwash you into believing otherwise.

I have not been on my "backup L'Chaim account" until Now [Yes right now], so that is why you have not gotten a reply from me. Due to the length of time since you replied to something I said and the fact that I do not recall what I said, I shall only address what you say rather than defend whatever it was that I said originally.  

There is nothing Glenn Beck has ever done or said to suggest he has not rejected with horror or comedy the notion of "Putting himself on the same tier with MLK". Those happenings used to falsely attribute such a thing are easily refuted. Firstly HE SPECIFICALLY OUT OF REVERENCE FOR DR. KING STOOD LOWER ON THE STEPS OF THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL. One claim is that he was "hijacking the dream" by having his "RESTORING HONOR" Rally on 8-28 the anniversary date of the Dream speech. It is not known for it, no one knew until a Beck hater brought it up. He was going to have it on 9-12, BUT that was the SABBATH, and 9-11 is PLAINLY off limits. The next available date was 8-28. [You have NO CLUE how Honorable Beck is, nor would you believe it of anyone short a Gandhi or King].
Beck has been accused of hijacking "Honor" in the same breath as 'king's dream'. As he has said I so too shall repeat it; THOSE THINGS BELONG TO EVERYONE!!! YOU CANNOT OWN A PRINCIPLE you can only share in it by LIVING IT.   If you think the CONCPT of "CONTENT OF CHARACTER" cannot be honored without Affirmative action and reparations YOU ARE EXACTLY A 'POLITICAL TOTALITARIAN'!

I address MLK's flirting with Communism in a blog of mine:

Some of the general thoughts will be duplicated here. Having listened to and watched every radio program and TV episode of glenn beck leading up to 8-28 I do not recall, him ever outright saying "MLK was a Conservative", now he might have round aboutly broken up idiotic misconceptions by saying something like "Much of MLK's message aligns with conservative values today" but Addressing the rest of your assertions will come down to defining terms.


Mlk rejected, Quote "Capitalism", but what did the term mean to him? Having read Marx and agreeing with the problems but not the solutions one might assert his definition could coinside with the sole pejorative alternate definition for the term wholly distinct from the realities of an actually free market.
[which necessitates equality in citizenship1] or taking note of the times MLK lived in one could assert that what was labeled or perceived as definitively "Capitalist" has nothing whatsoever to do with the Free Market System, but everything to do with deviations therefrom. Glenn Beck extols the necessity of Benjamin Franklin style culture of Christian charity for a free market to function. Currently as the most generous nation on the face of the earth I'm more worried about economic enslavement to the government than any delusion perception in lacking the former. American "Capitalism" has definitively ALWAYS been a socialism of one stripe or another, our overriding successes being overwhelmingly to the FREEDOMS of the Market. King was no economist, but his rejection of "Political Totalitarianism" coincides perfectly with Beck's rejection of socialism. Gandhi's Agrarian Socialism to which I believe MLK looked retained a VOLUNTARY NATURE which sharply conflicts with that which Beck and I reject in "Socialism" today.


The term is used inanely to mean definitively several distinct things. 1. Individual Charity, 2. Ongoing Government redistribution to perceived victimhood classes from perceived opressor classes unto perpetuity, and 3. Equal justice as equal protection under the law, alternate subsets further distinguished by anti discrimination laws for govt. individuals and corporations to either only 'not discriminate' or to extremes of "Affirmative Action" mandates that staff or customers MUST "Look Like America" explicitly amounting to disparate treatment, which is the current law. It is also used to justify corporatism, as well promote Racialized representation slandering non democrats of that race as "Sell outs".


Beck says GTFO. [although he doesn't curse]Of course our g[ing]tfo of Vietnam lead to massive slaughter, and would also with Afghanistan and Iraq, which is why Beck says blow s--- up and gtfo. Outspending the soviets freed up MILLIONS of people out of hard tyranny to the soft tyranny of Democratic Socialism


You haven't even got a clue what the word means in the first place do you? In your defense it is thrown around nearly with uniform idiocy. It is exactly the philosophy of Conserving the Constituion in the Context of history [and of course implementing govt adhearadly]. Arguing about whether tax dollars spent on a particular war, vs local implementations of social programs are not inherently antithetical to constitutionalism. Originally LIBERALS now referred to as "Classical Liberals" were traditionally non-
Interventionalists or Isolationists.

Glenn is not "try[ing] to pass himself off as the next MLK". If you had a single objective CLUE as to
who Glenn IS trying to be you'd slap yourself in the face right now. If King's legacy is what Al Sharpton says it is  “The dream was to make everything equal in everybody's house.”, King would do better to be forgotten than remembered for it. And his detractor's would have been justified in calling him a communist AS THAT IS EXACTLY ITS DEFINITION. Dr. King in the tradition of Gandhi is honored and remembered for the peaceful political resistance in the face of injustice for the goal of civil equality, not any economic vision. 

To reiterate; you have not the first inkling of a clue as to who Glenn Beck is and to anyone that does you are a laughing stock. Stop embarrassing yourself by trying to talk about that which you have been grotesquely misinformed BY ppl who hate Glenn.


So you asked me a few days ago to prove that Glenn Beck and MLK are total opposites (which is why it's completely wrong for him to hold his bullshit rally as if to say he's the next MLK). So you got your answer when I messaged you and I have yet to hear back from you. Did you read my message? You still think MLK was a "conservative" who represented conservative ideals? Do you still think Glenn Beck can rightfully say he has ANYTHING in common with Dr, King? Well?


Maybe its just me... but I wouldn't call a Religious rally to Restore Honor "BS" without being able to describe the stated goals thereof and ideology exactly as described by its organizers. Can You? 

Perfect Ideological alignments Between Dr. King and Conservativism just from what came up in my response to you [off the top of my head] rejection of political totalitarianism, Holding Content of Character as the measure of a man NOT the color of one's skin, & in some good measure the overlap of Anti-War and many conservatives non-interventionalism. As well as a rejection of "Capitalism" that is, [the Corporatism of Kings time called as such], and Communism. AND, non-violence as a method of political activism well demonstrated by the tea parties, but that's off the top of my head.




I am posting this in a blog which I will post the link of to my L'Chaim Channel.

To honor the good seen in a man one does not necessarily have to approve of everything that the man is ideologically, or no men could be honored at all.

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