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Asderathos' Symbol  

This symbology is a rejection of Internationalism and what leftists call Multiculturalism (and an embrace of Patriotic Nationalism dichotomously Juxtaposed to Hitler's Unpatriotic and I might ad Socialist Nationalism) as well as (to a lessor extent In symbology, not actual ideolgoy) an embrace of "Gender differences" and a rejection of Radical Feminism (which claims Gender is socially constructed)

It symbolizes an embrace of National Sovereignty, borders language and culture as a Unifying National Identity and american style assimilation as reflected in- 

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled Masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teaming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost, to me, I lift my lamp beside the gold Door"
(There is a door and passers through must wish to be free).

The Tower of Babel,

a symbol of Leftist "Multiculturalism", and inevitable civil War, or disunity and chaos, an inevitable result of the MultiLingual standard, Miscomunication is oft the source of conflict, (Juxtaposed to assimilation or even just Federalism)

The Tower of Babel is crossed out, humbly, by St. Andrew's Cross. A softer symbol of rejection for there is no anti-immigrant sentiment held only anti Illegal Alien, and Inequality Resultant largely by policy, and ignorance of repercussions. Ironically the US ceased to be the example when we saved the world

St. Andrew, the Fisherman

(and patron thereof) made fisher of men was Jesus's first disciple. Originally a disciple of John the Baptist. Andrew was at the Last Supper. He met the risen Lord and witnessed His Ascension. After Jesus's Crucifixion, St. Andrew spread the early Christian faith amid persecution in Palestine. He also preached the Gospels in Greece, Byzantium, and Kiev.

 He died in Patras (Greece), where he was crucified on a cross (tied not nailed) in the shape of an "X"  at his own request, as he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross on which Christ was crucified.

The St. Andrew's cross is Shielded by the St. George's Cross, (A recognition of Political Islam or Islamo-Fascism as the Enemy of Freedom, & in general the Righteous struggle of Good Vs Evil) 

Saint George's Cross

For centuries, it has been carried by crusaders throughout Europe during the crusades, it has long been referred to as "God's Flag".

Like other countries with St George as a patron, the English frequently used St George's cross as their symbol.
During the first Crusade, the Pope decided that knights of different nationalities should be distinguished by different colours of cross. French kinghts were allocated the red cross on white. English knights complained about this, since they considered this to be "their" St George's cross.
In 1188 the French King, Philip II of France accepted the claim of the English to the red cross on white, and the English and French officially exchanged their respective crosses. However by this time, the red cross on white had become a typical crusader symbol.

St. George and the Dragon

It came to pass that near the city of Lydia, a dragon decided to take up residence near the water-hole. Unable to collect water the citizens were forced to offer a human sacrifice to distract the dragon. The victim was selected by the drawing of lots and one day the king's daughter was selected. Although the king was distraught and begged for her life, the citizens insisted that she be treated like everyone else. She was sent out to face the dragon but the wandering George arrived and seeing the princess's plight engaged the dragon and slew him. In gratitude the citizens abandon their traditional paganism and converted to Christianity.

Saint George's Cross is crowned in its center with the Star of David (A tip of the hat to God, religious Jews, & Israel who's struggle is the antithesis of Nationhood and what the war on Islamo-Fascism is)


Star Of David 
 The Star of David or Shield of David

Is named after King David of Ancient Israel and its earliest known communal usage began in the Middle Ages, alongside the more ancient symbol of the Menorah.
In the Jewish prayer book, the term "Shield of David" (but not the symbol) appears at the end of the "Samkhaynu/Gladden us" blessing, which is recited after the reading of the Haftara portion on Saturday and holidays. The term refers directly to God, who shielded the Biblical David in battle and during his flight from Saul. The term may be loosely based on Psalm 18, which is attributed to David, and in which God is compared to a shield (v. 31 and v. 36).
A similar term, "Shield of Abraham" appears in the first blessing of the "Amidah" prayer, which was written in early Rabbinic times (around year 1, a millennium before the first documentation of the term in reference to a six-point star).
That term is probably based on Genesis 15:1, where God promises to shield Abraham.

A popular folk tale has it that the Star of David is literally modeled after the shield of the young Israelite warrior David, who would later become King David. In order to save metal, the shield was not made of metal but of leather spanned across the simplest metal frame that would hold the round shield: two interlocking triangles. A more credible tradition has it that there was a Menorah engraved upon the shield which King David used in wartime.


Christianity is well rooted in Judaism, and the Plight of Israel is the plight of Civilization Vs Barbarism. 

Dr. Savage once said (well after I created This Logo), "Its as Clear as a Hexagram on a Cross".

And my support for The Nations and its right of Self Defense dichotomously represents a rejection of the Conspiracy Theories which almost inevitably lead to a belief in (Jews being behind everything and) the forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (or aliens...) and my support for the Nation ALSO represents a core recognition of the threat of Islamo-Fascism manifested in the Ideology of Dar Al Islam VS Dar Al Harb (Islamo-Fascist Racism being the driving force behind Hamas and Hezbollah)


Venus (Aphrodite) 

Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, brings to (my) mind the concept of the quintessential Muse that is Woman; personified femininity; an inspiration of and from Life~.


Inspiration Symbol
it is my own invention, not only a figure but letters as well "IS" short for inspiration (if you strain you can throw the "N and P" in there) Depending on how you look at it the figure can seem an introvert or extrovert.

My  Name

Asde Rathos "From [to] Strength", Or "Channeled Strength [or drive]"

My long name that I use sometimes being "Asderathos L'Chaim Kankyou"
(L'Chaim being Hebrew for "To Life" & "Kankyou" being Japanese for "Bridge")

Together It roughly says (to me) Building Enlightenment [as a work in progress]; because of my general philosophy that the meaning of life is life (the process of personal growth) including the cycle and timeline of evolving culture and Human capability.


It is a combination of symbols;  
 [The Star of David, St. George's Cross (red) & St Andrew's Cross]
 My combination of them, is meant to symbolize the necessity of religion to the individual, as well as the nation [aka social compact]. 

This [the light blue star is] symbolic of Israel, to me, represents both my support for Israel['s right to exist], and concept of the nation [as a shield to the individual]. [The fabled origin of the Star of David is a makeshift overlapping arrangement for a more effective shield.]

St. Andrew's Cross, the dark blue obscured X, represents the individual, [interwoven with the nation] David's star the Nation as a shield and St. Andrew's Cross faith shining through.


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