GB CPAC; SF Fact Check Rebuttal

My Rebuttal To the San Fransicko Examiner's "Fact Check" and Commentary on Glenn Beck's CPAC Speech

Read the SF article and then my response -
Guess what the San Fran Sicko Examiner has deployed Fact Check Upon!?~No Not ANYTHING in Washington, not even anything in California, Glenn Beck's CPAC Speech
Here's ,my Addressing (if not debunking) of the debunking :D (I don’t exactly have a research staff)
1. Hope For America,

How do you debunk someone's hope? By attacking the man that inspired it! How could Reagan, who left office with a higher GDP Debt, possibly inspire hope for American because debt is bad!? Real journalism and ethics would expound upon why this was. (yeah I'll let better men explain it)

2. Beck doesn’t speak from a Teleprompter, but from the heart,

Yes beck uses a Teleprompter on his TV show (he admits it), However he not only obviously flubs words but asks for details from his producer showing not only no overreliance on it but also is known on the show for tangential monologues. & yes he had a NOTEBOOK for his near hour long speech which he referred to (Several times) IE a few, however he did not remain glued to the podium, nor was his speech written for him. Watch the speech and see how much he uses his notes (he doesn’t have a teleprompter on stage).

 3. Progressivism was Designed to destroy the Constitution.

Ryan Witt ( of the San Fran Sicko Examiner) argues that “Progressive Policies” include the Direct Election of Senators & Women’s Right to vote. Talk about selective memory. I’ll counter With Eugenics (Instituted in the US the sterilization of the “Unfit”), Prohibition (Which basically created Gangsterism in America), Fascism its self (IE Unpatriotic Nationalism and Socialism) The Propaganda Machine that inspired Hitler’s, The NRA (National Recovery Administration), The Treaty of Versailles, The Blue Eagle, The Great Depression, & Third Way Politics (a specific strategy for whittling away the constitution into nothing)

4. The Communist Pamphlet endorsing Progressives as Comrades

Beck quotes “Sections” of a Communist pamphlet, as it describes progressives as comrades, to show the only SUBSTANTIVE Difference in the broad scheme of things between Marxism and progressivism is tactics of Revolution Vs Evolution.

Ryan Witt says you can’t allow “Opponents” to define you, of course his non-sequitur “Beck is a racist if the Ku Klux Klan decides to support him.” presumes Communists to oppose Progressives despite a rich History to the contrary ; progressives distancing themselves from Marxists was largely a differing belief in tactics not by any means the broader scope of ends.

5. Marxism Is Revolution Progressivism is Evolution (To the same Ends)

Beck was speaking in sweeping broad terms (compared with Witt’s interpretation that is), they are both centralized Statist Ideologies. From the perspective a Constitutional Libertarian even if Obama/FDR were aiming for a maximum of say 75% govt CONTROL of the “Factors of Production” it is still STATISM Beck’s very point. I don’t say regulate as the original definition meaning “to Make Regular” DOES NOT APPLY by all standards of measuring progressivism or Obama policies.

6. Van Jones, Self Avowed Communist

There’s tape of Jones saying he was a communist. That is not up for debate (Going by Witt you would think it were).  Addressing Witt’s quote, is that the only ‘Evidence’ of Jones’ “Disavowing Communism”? Govt. Job Banks? Govt. Subsidization of ONE aspect of Energy Industry? Reinvention rather than Reform?  In any case there is no misconstruing Jones as anything but a statist. The whole quote was an obvious political ploy to make it SEEM like there’s “Common Ground” where there isn’t.

7. Progressivism Is A Cancer & Must Be Eradicated

Beck is specifically addressing working within the System to VOTE THEM OUT. I did wince that he was not as explicit as humanly possible (Only 75% so), but not even an insane murderous lunatic would think he is advocating violence if they’re paying enough attention to take what he says seriously enough to compare it with their delusional outlook. It takes a leftist to read violence into Beck’s words who staunch advocate of reform NOT revolution.

8. 40-36-20 America is?

Beck Cites a poll (his numbers are right) on America self described as mostly Conservative BUT 49% are self described “Democrats” (same poll) Of course Beck hates both parties so this has nothing to do with anything. J And then Witt cites a poll says that 65% of Americans support the "progressive" public option in health care reform. Of course Beck’s most recent addressing the issue cites a polling at 26% Pro what is consistently, misleadingly termed “Health Care Reform” seeing as how Tort isn’t even being addressed & is the most likely reform to actually do any GOOD. (not to mention all the pork)

9. Govt. Is Incapable of Job Creation

As Beck points out for every “Govt. Created Job” how many were lost? 16? Or 1600? Well since market forces keep jobs in existence by providing services directly to ppl who HAVE A CHOICE, there is competition & excellence, whilst (I don’t have the numbers) but millions of dollars are funding just a dozen jobs under Obama’s “Stimulus”. Watch Beck for better details. =P

 10. Govt Is Only REEEALLY Supposed To Protect Us From the Bad Guys

Citing the Preamble of the Constitution, Witt lists, Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, General Welfare, and Secure Liberty for Ourselves & Posterity supposedly to rebut the generalization. Of course this misconstruement must highlight in the eyes of the educated the difference between the original interpretation of the constitution and the progressive reinterpretation; the main example of which is the phrase “General Welfare” however within the framework & examples of original perspective of the founders I am confident that little else was meant by the terminology than simply put “Protecting us from bad guys” which would include those who would play favorites in Govt. and the prevention of undue skirmishes and conflicts with a uniform law. Duh.

11. Americans Do Not Need “Encouragement” To Be Charitable

Witt cites the tax code that does INDEED “Encourage” Americans to charity however Beck was (to a conservative) OBVIOUSLY alluding to Govt.’s Tax & Redistribute Policies, as well as Volunteerism Propaganda Campaign. Witt then notes the majority of our charity goes to “Places of Worship” in America, (Ignoring that the US gives about more Charity than All other Nations combined) and then cites that building of Churches “[does qualify] but it certainly differs from donations to the Haitian relief fund“. I’d bet my left arm we gave the most to Haiti. And apparently no-one on the left gets that Churches do more than build more churches.

12. “Economic Holocaust Is Coming”

Witt complains beck does not cite any economist saying this, and then pronounces “Many economists project a slow recovery [in the coming years]” But of course beck wasn’t up there to cite sources, he does that in  his books and you can see many interviewed on his show. One such similar warning however did come from one of the VERY few Economists who predicted the Recession IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!~   

13. The Depression of 1921

Witt Admits Beck Is right (again); however he cites Beck blaming Woodrow Wilson (The Anti War Candidate who within a year entered us in The Great War: WWI) saying it was the post war bust that caused it not Wilson… Hmmm

14. Woodrow Wilson Sucks

Witt cites many of the things, (that incidentally I associated with Progressivism previously), as that Beck described Wilson as to blame for. The Intricacies of which can probably be found in books like “Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism” And “American Progressivism” They’re on my Reading List… I’m not the wizard of Oz, but I do vaguely recall there being various ins and outs which do nothing but indict Wilson.

Witt cites the 77% tax as only being on the Uber Rich!~ (I’m pretty sure Beck cited it as a Progressive Tax which ENTAILS THAT ITS ONLY ON THE RICH) Of course any understanding of Economics AT ALL tells us that Poor ppl Don’t Exactly Create Jobs! And Punishing Success Doesn’t exactly get you more of it.

15. Liberal-Progressive Name Switch!

Witt goes after the name switching of “Liberal” with “Progressive” lacking any historical nuance by the blunder of “They’ve always been interchangeable” when there are clear language shifts in history; and then cites that Conservatives don’t call themselves “Right Wing” which is specifically and DIRECTLY because of the leftist False dichotomy - Communist/Fascist Political Spectrum. Both Travesties of Language & History.

16. Harding, Coolidge, and the Roaring 20s

WWI for the US was a war of choice not necessity which was exactly what Wilson used to develop his fascist policies he couldn’t get to work without the war. I would suggest that decreasing Govt. is never easy even when the Dictator’s term & his War Excuse end at the same time.

Beck is a Capitalist, not a Kynesian-ist, so why should he explain the status quo of Keynesians who’ve largely had control of history since FDR?

17. Hoover, Depression Progressive, and The Fed

I suck at Explaining the Fed and Great Depression so Watch Milton Friedman Explain it.

Perhaps there’s not enough on Hoover’s involvement, Check your local Library XD

The Great Depression Was Ongoing DURRING WWII and thus did not its self end it >_> I think… It was the unique monetary position of lending that the Victorious USA had after WWII which substantively got us out of it. Read “New Deal Or Raw Deal”

18. The Statue Of Liberty; Symbol Of…

Witt would seem to presume that the modern attitudes of the French or that what “Most have said” has anything to do with ONE ARTIST’S and ONE POET’S Intent 100 years ago,  …. Mno. And in fact contexts of history would suggest Beck’s is the more accurate & informed perspective. He’s given more details in previous segments of his Fox News TV Show And Presumably on Radio too.

- Watch Glenn's (-Hour Long) CPAC Speech Here

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