4-30-10 Explaining Capitalism

Socialists: All you socialists on Youtube! The Inter-Web! Anti-Capitalists,
Define socialism as an economic structure, wouldja?

I myself aint no Economist (Or english major) or anything else.
But I think I have a pretty good inkling, I grasp the general fundamentals of Capitalism.
The Free Market, like its name entails must leave individuals free to sell their labor
and their property as they see fit. Property rights. That's a part of freedom.
Rule of law; there aint no property rights if individuals or the government
can just swoop in and take yer stuff!

So Capitalism is a Free Market Economy, Socialism is a Market SET, Controlled, Influenced
by Government, and thus is not an economic system but a form of Government in and of itself.

Government interferances are Universally, it would seem, named as Crony Capitalism or
corporate Capitalism, Government Capitalism, but that is using the ridiculous language
of Capitalism as a synonym for immoral Capitalizing. This is like having a slave Labor
Market, and calling it Free Man Labor Market.

The only hang up is that in a Representative Democracy the free market of ideas
must get its funding from the Free Market Economy, which without carefully stipulations
may purchase government interferance in the economy. This is where PURE Capitalism becomes
impossible; and the freedom of the market rests on the necessity (as with a Republic) of
having an informed and moral people to reign in Government, Limit it, and define laws that
prevent those in power from stearing funds towards friends and dummy corporations etc.

Now the moral reason for property rights stems from what I'd call
Self ownership. Tangent! I haven't read Roe V. Wade
but I hear there's some important stuff in there about Individual Sovereignty.
So just overturning it wouldn't be good. Define the term in which the child
feels pain or has a heart beat, or brain activity and DRAW A LINE. State by State
draw a damn line, and everything over that line is a Triage situation.
Tangent end... People own their own lives from the womb, Until they forfeit it by
But Individual soveriegnty means you own the fruits of your labor. Of course you can't
go build or grow something on someone else's land because that land is the fruit of their
labor. To do so would be a principle infringment.

Governments are instituted among men to secure the rights of
Life Liberty Property and The Pursuit of Happiness from infringement foreign and domestic.

You can argue money policies but when it comes down to it there's a trade off
of immediate value and market product availability with bartering
for mobility and lessor retention with capital bank notes. Coinage as the sole currency has
the draw back in (extra weight) and mainly the shifting value caused by suply demand
& hoarding

Promisory Bank notes not backed by anything but the Governments word (as it is) creates
a labor based market with MINIMUM WAGE, causing regular and consistant inflation.
The standard mobile representation of work steadily loses value which is basically
deferred to those temporary wage increases of minimum wage workers. It doesn't seem
a fair trade to me especially considering that this necessarily decreases employment.

But Govt. doesn't do what works, it does what increases its power.

There waas a specific shift to a Global Market structure (Which is NOT Capitalism but is
called it under the term globalization)
in which All the major nations are reliant on one another's markets. Read Tragedy and Hope
link in the description.

Tragedy and Hope

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