03-09-10, From Natural Man Thru Reason To Capitalism

03-09-10, From Natural Man Thru Reason To Capitalism
If we shall begin by what is natural to man, (& presumably bear some loyalty to it) then should not feudalism/tribalism be considered the primary nature of man?

However if we should begin with what the cultures of Man agree to grant value upon (presuming time and unanimity to have some merit) then should we not assess honestly the methods to achieve those goals?

If so then Keynesian economics can demonstrably be charged with causing global recession; the merits of collectivism be damned in the eyes of the individual that can see what it reaps.

The difference in socialism and communism is apparent in the ignorance and apathy of the govt worker that demonstrably destroys his own freedom and wealth, and contrastingly the despondent nature of those that boat in anything that will float from Cuba.

We should be able to agree that a 45% Govt. interference in markets cannot be called free or Capitalist; however more specifically by nature the interference is detrimental to not only potential overall wealth but meritocracy.

Thus if even only the Lion share of the blame rests on Keynesian systems (not capitalist) for the current crisis, the inherent hypothesis of any money spent by govt is well spent, ignores that wealth does not create wealth but effort and self interest which is much lost when capital travels through bureaucracy to reach hands much lest thrifty, much less skilled for it. 

Without Popular sovereignty there can be no justice, without justice the law is in vein, without rule of law there can be no freedom, without freedom democracy is in vein.

To inhibit the tyranny of direct democracy and expropriate the angels of its nature, we elect representatives to develop and hire enforcers maintain law.

A Necessary aspect to the rule of law is sovereignty of Nation and Individual CITIZENS. Borders Build Civilizations which in their lacking inevitably FALL

If you pay taxes it cost you, and if you don't, it still costs everyone else who pays taxes, which in turn leaves them with less to invest in the market which prevents the creation of jobs and makes everyone poorer for it INCLUDING YOU. Wealth creation starts with work, and diffusing cost destroys the incentives of self interest which GIVES PPL REASON TO BECOME DOCTORS

The entire Developed World has become Economically Illiterate Keynesian Socialist Monkeys and chattering won't change the rules of economics.


To honestly consider all Muslims to be the same you must ignore the diversity of sects, Quranic Interpretations, Abrogating Orders, and Selected Hadiths, within Islam as well as the pervasive diversity of mind inherent in human beings. Not to mention the Ignorance of non-Arab converts and Arab Illiterates. Do not be swayed by the easiness of intellectual extremes. There are Muslims wholly outside the Political Islam-of-Islamo Fascism, AND there are Non-Violent Muslims who donate money to Islamic causes funding terrorism. The lack of inquiry as to how many donators know the actual use of the money can be blamed on PCness of the media who won’t even cover the causes themselves.

"a government of laws and not of men." -John Adams

This means you hold the RIGHT to property ABOVE the supposed want or need of it. A Grass Roots sovereignty as laid down in the 9th & 10th Amendments. This being the whole reason for a separation of powers and decentralized government.

Democracy is a part of a Republic, but so are LIMITATIONS, Representatives Do Not get to establish Entitlements at the cost of Rights. Guaranteeing privileges destroy self Govt. Destroy FREEDOM. 


-Asderathos L'Chaim Kankyou

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