Grammatic Nihlism and Styrofoam Skulled Morons

Jared Lee Loughner, Madman 
He shot, & killed a bunch of Ppl. He's Skitzo. He thinks "English 
Grammar" is a method for 'the government' to control people, in their own minds
He hates Sarah Palin [who's target map was mirrored on the left, you idiots, you],
He was a fan of Obama. But feared "Government" He is a truther, thinks the Mars Rover was faked, 
believes in mind control, and a "new Currency" which is a metophor for Grammatic Nihilism illustrated by his 
question to Gifford [her answer being what started his "beef"] which was 
"what is government when words have no meaning"

If you think this shooting was politically motivated, let me say, you are Styrofoam Skulled Morons.
If you think the heated rhettoric in the media has any responsibility, his friends said he didn't pay 
attention to the news or listen to talk radio.
One person said he leaned left, others said he wasn't interested in politics.

I would cite this quote "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither"

but silencing speech and regulating metaphores would do absolutely nothing to stop skitzos like this from murder.
& The universal failure of Gun control laws should speak for itself.

There're TONS of sources that utterly debunk the popular narratives from the left
I've only skimmed the bare surface. DYOHW

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