Where is there the pursuit of comparing the 'State of Nature'-Theoretical concepts for society such as "The Federation of Liberty" Vs "The Union of Liberty" arguments with over arching Constitutional Classical Liberalism and its historical real world application's failures in maintaining a standard of freedom?

The State of Nature Theories oft as I've heard them discussed leaves a ludicrous number of details to the imagination.

Whilst the Constitutional History uncomfortably shows that many inherent flaws existing from the beginning (as will occur with any human institution) Not the least of which was slavery, the throwing off of which, in many ways, contributed to the current status quo of economic 'slavery' (or at least indentured servitude).

The status quo of economic slavery is majoritarily accepted as a great evil today (under the names of Socialism, Keynesian Economics, Progressivism, or Big Govt), but Political correctness or ignorance hides the source of it in the vital necessity of throwing off The Unparalleled evil of Slavery in the first place.

So, without slavery (or racial tensions which come with a racially mixed society) what would the united states look like today? Would women's Sufferage have come about? or Prohibition? Would Classic Liberalism have Endured? would it have evolved to current Human Equalities without the cost of economic freedom?

Slavery being in itself a deviation from capitalism (Under which humans cannot qualify as property nor their enslavement be a part of what is DEFINED as "Economic Freedom").

In fact (Capitalism being Absolute Economic Freedom) America has never really been a purely Capitalist society (as some socialists will argue when they advocate their 'Utopianism') However all the various mixed economies and partial freedoms' resulting prosperity for America, Can Be Traced Back to Being Caused by the Greater Economic Freedom!~ And never the limitations.

(Modernally the call is heard against "Deregulation" (as the cause of the recession) yet the madness of it is (not only are corruption and rule breaking to blame making enforcement the issue much like Illegal Immigration) but that they call Instituting the REGULATION of giving loans to the unqualified because of their skin color (practically a racial quota) a "deregulation, (For "Equality")!!

A REAL Deregulation would be to allow interstate insurance competition, which was only prohibited in the first place, by a Misinterpretation of the Constitution, perceiving "Regulation" of interstate comerce (at the time meaning to make regular) with CONTROL of.

Always be on the lookout for vague undefined or not juxtaposed use of language, behind it hypocrisy is lurking.

this has been Asderathos, and remember, I am Not a freaking 'Intellectual'

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