Republic, Democracy, Democratic Republic, Call it whatever you will, quibble semantics Aaall you want, but get the definition the History, Right! The Founding Fathers Put in place a Republic (res publica = rule of law) wherein the direct democratic (demos = common ppl, kratos = rule IE Rule of the Ppl) election of representatives was purposefullycircumvented because it was known that DIRECT Democracy is merely a Tyranny of the Majority.

And we have fallen into more of a Democratic Tyranny by way of "Representatives" either being Populists without Morals gaming the system Or Highly Moral Revolutionary Fascists seeking to Impose their Collectivist morality on the ppl by far and away ABOVE The Individual and State Sovereignty Described in the 10th Amendment.

Etymology's Place

Popular Understanding of language Trumps Etymological Truth by way of intent (for communication), Except when necessarily applied for understanding history and current Sociology or Politics.

Political Correctness
governmental dictatorship of truth

or rather dictatorship of what is considered to be "true"

regardless of demonstratable facts, reason, or logic

Political Correctness is by example of history, A Governmental Ideological or Organizational Dictatorship of what is "True" particularly within Controversial Issues or actions of that Dictatorial power; with demonization of dissenters by agents of or sympathizers with that Power or its agenda.

Political Correctness, is inherently destructive or derisive of free speech; and is even more effective when a cultural rather than openly legal implementation, pitting ppl against ppl, rather than ideas vs Ideas which with any honesty and reason would necessitous arrive at some measure of Objective Truth.

Take note of the Value of Economic Freedom without which there cannot be Individual Sovereignty; A socialist would say govt handouts create it, but dependence cannot = autonomy; a Purity of which would be anarchy, but restraint only with representative taxation and Rule of Law creates the most Freedom Possible without creating an enslavement to defense of self family and property as is necessitous with anarchy, nor an enslavement to a god-state from which all blessings and all rights must flow with Tyrannical Communism Fascism Socialism or Global Government.
If your goal is freedom in the highest, then logically it is clear what you must and must not advocate lest you be a hypocrite or liar. =)

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