5-14-09 What ISN'T Liberal

5-14-09 What ISN'T Liberal
or 1st Amendment VS Lingual Revisions To Oxymorons

Gay Marriage, Stupid Genius, liberal Fascist: What do these terms have in common?
They are all Oxymorons, Using the Classic Definition of “Liberal” rather than whoever wants to call themselves that, (often being Progressive Fascists), who’s M. O.   IS redefining terms outside of reality so as to manipulate public perception! A Famous Communists’ Nazis’ Fascists’ and Dictators’ Strategy.

They (Leftist Progressive Fascists) decided Republicans were all Rich White Male, Racist, (Blacks having registered as Democrats out of solidarity for The Civil Rights Martyr JFK, Linked with MLK.) Not being able to before in the South because only Republicans would ACCEPT Blacks.

They decided Self Described “Conservatives” were all just republican shills like Rush Limbaugh during the Bush Administration, and then when Constitutionalist Traditional Americans wanted to distinguish themselves again as “Independent Conservatives” the branded them Republican Shills Again, with no effort, or regard to language, pointing at the bandwagon jumping fools (Like Rush)

They Decided FOX News IS SATAN. Thusly demonizing all reporters Opinion Makers or watchers no matter how casual as Evil Neo Cons! FOX being the only major opposition to the rest of the TV Media.

Neo Con being defined anywhere from Far Right or more accurately Hypocritical Leftist posing As Right (used to be called RINOS).

They Took George W Bush a Globo-Fiscal-Socialist Progressive with a couple socially conservative stances and demonized him as some kind of Right Wing Fascist.

They decided that if you earn more it would only be fare to make you pay a greater Ratio of Your Earnings, because the Govt. Super Bureaucracy is better at charity than you. Yeah Right…

They Decided The “Fairness Doctrine” forcing Radio Stations to subsidize unpopular talk radio in order to keep their Broadcasting licenses would be well, fair, and upon vehement opposition, are currently rebranding similar ends thru “Localism” in attempts to force out the nationally syndicated BIG FOUR (O’Reilly having gotten out of radio) it used to be the big five

They decided there is no such thing as an Illegal Alien, there are no Illegal Human Beings, No Borders No Language No Culture No COUNTRY, only roving Immigrants of the world who must be given ballots IN SPANISH, GOLD PLATED MEDICAL CARE, AND AS MANY LAWYERS AS THEY NEED TO SEIZE THE PROPERTY (EVERYTHING THEY OWN) OF A CITIZEN WHO STOPS THEM FROM CROSSING OVER THEIR OWN LAND

They decided that Hate speech isn’t Free Speech, Christening Leftist Golden Calf Minorities’ Feelings as more important than the First Amendment.

They decided Hate Crime Laws would NOT apply to Blacks committing vicious crimes against whites EVEN WHEN the Criminals ADMIT to Racial Motivations!!~

The Hypocrisy Is Deafening.

*(Reiterate Beginning)*

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

You Have The RIGHT, Speak out against Orwellian Hypocrisy.

UPDATE: (My Replies to comments on YouTube relevent to the topic)

Outside of a letter by Thomas Jefferson to a preacher assuring him there wouldn't be official State religions. The first appearance of the phrase (Separation of Church and State) was an FDR Socialist Lawyer changing the meaning of the first amendment to freedom from religion. Every campaign to remove religious symbols from memorials or court rooms ban in God we trust from the money Under God from the pledge and prayer in school is for unconstitutional repression.

The historic precedence of the first amendment allows for "Endorsement" (that is the language of the FDR Socialist Lawyer) of religion! It only prohibits Congress Specifically from making laws linguistically regarding making laws Regarding Religion. So you could not possibly interpret it to BE a law prohibiting the ten commandments in a court room. In English "Respecting" meant in reference to or regarding not having "Respect For".

Guaranteed Freedom "From" Religion means NO FREE SPEECH IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE, no prayer in congress which opened with a prayer from its inception (until the 60s after FDR's Progressive Lawyer), or public schools no school vouchers for religious schools . It implies as interpreted today the removal of all Religious paraphernalia from the public eye. THAT is what Freedom FROM entails. Freedom OF doesn't mean atheists are outlawed or executed, or a sudden Theocracy; harassment or disturbing the peace laws would still apply to overzealous proselytizers.

Public Schools are practically unconstitutional in the first place, as are most govt institutions of any kind today. There's a rule in law being abused today called "Reasonable Accommodation most often its where Wheelchair jockies scout places without handicapped access and sue often putting places out of business cause they can't afford the retrofitting. (There are ppl who make a living off of this despicable atrocity) The original intent of this rule of thumb was intended for a moral, religious, and SANE citizenry.

“The More You Know” doon) doon (>) dooooon (v) dooon (^)

^*Picture NBC Public Service Announcement Sound Effects*^

The Comedies’ Not Seemless but Meh gotta throw it in

We are America, tolerant of the distasteful. it is a part of the Principle Of Libertarian Freedom. You can do whatever, behind closed doors, in the privacy of your own home, Consenting Adults Yadda Yadda, and say whatever you want on the street corners,

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” -Voltaire

BUT, we cannot, must not, start BYPASSING the revision of UNFAIR LAWS AND RULES BY LEGISLATING LANGUAGE INTO AN OXYMORON. And Gay Marriage IS An Oxymoron Whether You like It or Not And IT is FAR outside the jurisdiction of the courts.

Legally, Lingual-ly Marriage is between Man and Woman, Husband and wife. It Is anthropologically religious in nature, a community’s cultural ceremony recognizing a couple’s adherence to the specific values of the nuclear family and raising of, Children together.

Civil Unions would be ENTIRELY equal If Gays weren’t being used by the Progressive Movement for the purposes of deconstructing traditional American culture.

"The Eye That Alters Alters All" --William Blake


Scripture tells us (in Shakespearean Code requiring an Education [as apposed to an indoctrination] to understand it) to shun Gays, You can’t be Gay and Christian BUT you can be AMERICAN and Gay. Freedom for all slavery for none (such as forcing a Church to accept Everyone regardless of morals)

But this is a secular nation right? No we are In Principle and Values a Christian Nation (not to be confused with a Theocratic Dictatorship) Seculars have no tolerance for religion whereas Christianity Tolerates very well other religions.

Ann Coulter said Jews should be perfected. What you don’t hear is that Muslims think Kafir should be brought up to “Human” status (or killed).

She Didn’t Say RE-EDUCATION CAMPS, merely a passive goal of expanding religious teachings. Yet she’s demonized for believing (not even that hers is the only religion) but it is the better religion a view held by all but Unitarians.

Many Libertarians think Marriage should be wholly a private matter, (I myself am open to that idea, in which case it would be insane to stop gay ceremonies) BUT the govt involvement has to do with (originally) encouragement of The Traditional Nuclear Family which is necessary for the stability of civilization's future.

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