6-06-09 Intellectual Or Progressive

6-06-09 Intellectual Or Progressive

I will not call myself an intellectual although others are sure to call me a pseudo intellectual
This of course doesn't mean I'm against Thoughtfullness quite the contrary. I advocate much learning,
and education, not to be confused with an indoctrination which is much of what occurs in most institutions
of supposed higher education. All you need do to find a great standard of measure is go to
Students for academic freedom dot org
and read the academic bill of rights

Students For Academic Freedom Dot Org (The Academic Bill of Rights)

to which most colleges were once at least partial adhearers. No longer.

A quick quote "academic institutions and professional societies should maintain a posture
of organizational neutrality with respect to the substantive disagreements
that divide researchers on questions within, or outside, their fields of inquiry."

In other words Professors shouldn't be able to flunk a student because they
don't opinionitively like their scholastic conclusions,

I myself am for Ideas proven or even new unproven ideas.

but I am SURELY against Old Ideas that have repeatedly been Proven Wrong or Immoral

The Ideal is that one may learn from history so as to improve the preasent and future

Within politics this has not occured, high taxes have proven to dissuade industry yet they are risen to support
Govt interference which beyond the most minor regulations to secure human rights has proven counterproductive
Yet it is accelerated in times of economic turmoil.

Who is at fault? a loose group of Intellectuals who's sole tie
(reaching far beyond the Democrat party) is their Progressive agenda

Progress sounds wonderful, but progressives have intellectual roots in alternative history which is pro
Communist pro Fascist anti Classless society

(I misspoke when I said "Anti Classless society" a classless society being a communist ideal, the American Ideal being a Class MOBILITY based upon Ability and Merit rather than birth right.)

Woodrow Wilson, American President, a Progressive inspired the Nazi Propanda machine

Progressives gave us Prohibition, which gave rise to organized crime

Worse still These are the ppl that invented eugenics, and one Eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood a Pro Abortion Organization

The so called intellectuals who paint dissenters as anti progress or racist etc, leave no room for unslandered dissent

Thus Intellectual freedom is being crushed by an ideology based in results applying no morality to methods

Common sense is dying, "The Ends Do Not Justify the Means"

In one way or another EVERY Major Founding Father said, AMERICA can only Survive with a Religious and Moral Society

These men are painted deists by Progressives as if the Human trate of doubt would make them any the less prophetic or God inspired

We as men and woman, citizens of America, must be thoughtful, Educate yourself and your children, in an honest way
don't exclude dissenting voices, empower your knowledge by understanding opposing arguments, satisfy your own mind or change it.

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