Searching "Fascism" on Etymology Online, I found amongst the results of "Brown Shirts" and "Quisling", (Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian fascist politician who headed the puppet government during the German occupation of Norway in World War II) also "America" once a synonym for freedom and liberty now (since the 60’s embrace of communist propaganda) one of Tyranny.

Fascists are classically opposed to Communism yet introduce socialism. The American Left of Today, has piggy backed on the civil rights movement supplying the aspect of Racial championship, yet the goal has changed, from Nationalist imperialism to International Dictatorship & bureaucracy thru the UN, from glorifying a “Master Race” to Extolling the Victimhood of non white Races, women or minority status equivalents, The Christian White Male, is the equivalent of Hitler’s marked Jews, along with any Victim Class Person Not Politically correct, decried, as a traitor to their group, luckily their fate is not to fill out the other half of internment camps as the Catholics and Communists did in Nazi Germany.

The politically incorrect suffer only slander and censure from the majoritarily Left wing media. Seeking refuge in talk radio and the only major opposition in TV FOX NEWS, hosts of which receive the most ardent attacks, often from those who do not (or pretend not to) know the difference between hard news and opinion shows. And hosts from both mediums are often slandered by lies malicious or ignorance willful.
Vindicating Contexts shown rarely on other than “alternative” media. Rush Limbaugh was called racist for doing a comedy bit in which he called for nothing more and nothing less than America to enforce its southern border in exactly the same manner as Mexico does with its own. Michael Savage was reported to call for the death of 100 Million Muslims, The FACT that this was in the confines of a monologue on what we would do in the “US or Them” Scenario of a nuclear threat from a Muslim Nation, is ignored, effectively painting a target on his back. Glenn Beck (along with nearly the entire Conservative Spectrum) was purported  (Recently) to hold the same views as the “Holocaust Museum Shooter” when a rundown of the Issues was read, all the Murderer’s views were leftist or centrist at best except distaste for the Federal Govt.  (which I would hope is nearly universal)

The Nationalization of Banking and Auto Companies is purported by the left to be only Temporary; although similar claims were once made about welfare, affirmative action, & the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (a one time Amnesty that has recurred six more times since)

Do you remember the simple wisdoms of your grandparents, how in an alone moment they’d pass on Common sense as if it were a secret? (this was to hide from others your naiveté), Common sense used to be the only Conspiracy you believe past the age of 10, It shouldn’t be called a conspiracy theory that as Govt.  grows individual freedom shrinks and It is the duty of the citizens in a free society to resist it. But the New Competition for the Working Wisdoms of the past, are the Progressive Pinings of Utopia. Achieved only by….

Political Correctness, A Left Wing Issued Truth regardless of facts, the Modern Day Pravda Isvestia is distributed in all major mediums, majoritarily in 2/3s of them.

The only weapon against  it, is an honest self education. K now thy self, be able to provide rationale for your conclusions,

and know thine enemy, be able to supply a historical context to their ideology and where it ends.

"Fight for truths eternal, a history complete Lest you lose tomorrow to a blindness of the past." -Asderathos

Etymology Online: Search Result "Fascist"


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