Johann Gottfried Herder's principle of Cult Patriotism, (Although One might say Cult "Nationalism" or "Tribalism" Going by Hitler's statement that he was a Nationalist not a "Patriot") generally based in a tribal romanticism of a race culture or nation, (which originated with Rousseau’s solely political arguments) laid the intellectual foundation for Nazism (National Socialism). Cult Patriotism disambiguated is an extremist version of Generic Patriotism.

   American Patriotism for instance can be that of flag waving ignorance, or deep philosophical and historic understanding of the unique ideas laid down by our founding fathers, of Freedom, Individualism, Natural Human Rights, and the authority of Law over Men (allowing no man to arise a tyrant). Whereas Fascism values a Populist Conclusion of the greatest good by far over individual Human Rights, and the Leader above the law as ultimate Judge Jury King and Executioner; Whereas American Separation of Powers divides the three branches of Govt. relinquishing “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (the 10th Amendment) purposefully to make it a nation of Sovereign individuals subject only to the law, and never Men.

   Hoover went to Russia and “Rationalized” smelting into a 2 million dollar profit, which soon after the Communist Revolution disappeared, because the workers brutalized the native experts who knew how to keep the machines working and sent away the American Experts. If you cannot see the lesson from this, I can only say to you, punish excellence and you’ll have less of it, reward excellence and you’ll have more. Revolutions Need Leaders, and we were lucky enough to have one’s scornful of a corrupt Monarchy and wise in the ways other forms of govt. can go wrong.

   “American Culture”, I’ve heard disturbingly often, “doesn’t exist”. They get this from multiculturalism. An ideology of removing the flame of Assimilation from the melting pot, and without commonalities, of which the few left that there are, are necessarily (by leftist ideology) deemphasized for the elevation of differences, in a frenzy of xenophelia. This is a recipe for civil war.

 American culture is one of tolerance, assimilation, and acceptance of those that wish to embrace American Values (Regardless of their other intransigent aspects of culture, or of their race). We being a broad tent society, have room for those “yearning to be free”; however, other isms, than this Americanism, have been infiltrating the US for decades, and are working to enslave us to their vision of utopia, destructive to not only freedom but identity.

   This Ideology by design is purposeful in polarization to destroy common culture, unity, and project victim and oppressor statuses onto every aspect of life Politicizing Your Very Perception of the World using Political Correctness (The Ideology Telling You What Not To Say) & Identity Politics (The Ideology Telling You Who Is Saying It), the ends of which are centralized govt. and forced equality regardless of merit. The means of which are infiltration and usurpation thru indoctrination, of the Professions of education, the law, media, politics, & also activist philanthropy.

They claim to champion freedom, having proven themselves the epitome of double standards, & hypocrisy, they cover up the corruption, not by conspiracy but by mutual elevation of ideology above the moral standards of the current system in aspiration of transcendence. AKA, the ends justify the means. A Willfully Blind Cultural censorship of, the Politically Incorrect; demonized as heretics to the New System. Never mind what the Founding Fathers Envisioned (or Martin Luther King for that matter), never mind what the constitution actually says, never mind the facts, after all it is a living document·

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