Christianity is the philosophy of love. Christianity teaches "Christian Love" aka 'agape' [selfless love].

The etymology of the word 'philosophy' is philo- "loving" + sophia "knowledge, wisdom,".
The etymology of the word 'Christianity/Christ' is "anointed" from Gk. khristos "the anointed", translation of Heb. mashiah/messiah "anointed" [syn. blessed]

-so 'The Philosophy of Selfless Love' is "The Love of [belief in] The Wisdom of Selfless Love"

The L. term 'drove out' O.E. h├Žland "healer" ["make whole, sound and well,"] as the preferred descriptive term for Jesus.

An embrace of Christian Morality heals individuals by their own selflessness.

God's poetic machine, the universe.

Meaning being self-apparent; God is good, and the good in life is god's purpose; creation its vessel. 

The purpose of life being life, synonymous with equitably mutual freedom by natural law, [its moral incarnation the Golden Rule] the right of property ownership beyond subsistence reaped from effort sewn is an extension of self ownership, intrinsic to life/freedom.

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