01-30-11 Explaining Capitalism Again

There is not, and can never be, any such thing as a purely economic, or purely governmental system to the total exclusion of one from the other. Any Governmental structure whatever its form, must be funded. The Market itself must bare confidence in security of exchange in order to be free. Where traditional “Government” does not operate, the ‘government’ of martial force comes to bare as a chief consideration upon all individuals. [Governments being instituted among men to secure their Creator endowed, unalienable rights, Life Liberty, and Property being among them]

Of course the imperfection of every form of Government known to man cannot negate the positive gain in secured trade. In a ‘State of Nature’ absent even the most primitive social contract, the market would be limited by the confidence of the participants. Where would voluntary exchange seem more secure, between hermits in a wilderness, or citizens of a governmental body which provides a police force?

For a “Market” to be “Free” its government must secure the rights of individuals to keep or sell their labor and property as they see fit [a minimal infringement/taxation required to fund that security].

Only “Anti-Capitalists” argue that “Capitalism” is not synonymous with a “Free Market System”, although many Anti-Capitalists would make no distinction while embracing the Marxian pejoratives which violate the principles of Economic Freedom.

All “Anti-Capitalist” systems, most of which brand themselves “Socialist” or “Communist” bare the unifying traits of infringing and violating the paradoxical principle of Maximum Property Rights and Limited/Minimal Government.

The necessarily bridged gap between Rule of Law Republicanism and Self Governing Democracy, in order to free posterity from being arbitrarily governed by the dead or the living [a swift trigger for revolution], brings forth the question of separating economic influences from the free market of ideas, lest corrupting economic favoritism from government be purchased one way or another.

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