Easy Equality sacrificed for Impossible Acceptance

Marriage being and always having been between a man and a woman culturally, religiously, legally: the SANE method for EQUALITY FOR ALL, and not just homosexuals; is the legality of “Civil Union” contracts with all the privileges as a Marriage Contract. Either by simple standardization, under separate titles, [to which no human in the nation objects], or the replacement of govt. issued “Marriage” with civil union contracts.

The only thing preventing equality under the law, is the belligerent culture that demands accepting a moral sameness which AINT NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, under the guise of ’equality’. This culture [demanding moral acceptance] is a sickness born ironically from the psychotic belief that “gender is socially constructed” [seeing as the condemnation of having a moral judgment upon the behavior, requires a belief that one is “born that way”].

You don’t have to agree with my reasoning, but if your reaction to it, is a personal attack on me, [IE you’re a “Homo-phobe” or “Hatemonger”] check yourself, your missing your critical thinking, maybe it dribbled out your ears when you weren’t looking.

Yes, you can reject the moral relativism while still embracing sexual libertariandism; You deserve equality and freedom, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to judge you [as in have an opinion not mortally or legally condemn] for your choices & behavior.


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