The Heart, deceitful? Wicked beyond cure? hmmm

Jeremiah 17:9 warns: "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

I saw this most recently in a clip of Billy Graham's sermon, which seemed to take the road of "shaming into piety", which didn't resonate with me at all.

I've often questioned the various versions of this passage with the "Desparately Wicked"'s and "Exceedingly Corrupt"'s http://bible.cc/jeremiah/17-9.htm

but in Clarke's commentary, the completeness of the translation is questioned:

" אנש anash is never used in Scripture to denote wickedness of any kind. My old MS. Bible translates thus: - Schrewid is the herte of a man: and unserchable: who schal knowen it?"

Recognizing a peculiar aspect of western culture: that [the Adventurous and ideal] "Romanticism" grew into the modern "Romance" [that means emotional relations], while retaining associations with the human heart; it seems to me this has changed our perception of it.

My being less the Hebrew scholar than even Martin Luther [who admitted he knew nothing of the grammar], I cannot be remotely sure that this idea of mine is sound. But I think this Jeremiah verse, modernly is taken too far to condemn 'man's heart'. It seems to me the older meaning of "The Human Heart" was not at all synonomous with love or tenderness or compassion; but of hot blood, rashness, and perhaps even anger and pride.

My education is far to scarce on these matters to be sure; but that's why I can't nail down a theology for myself.

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